Our Story:

Every business has a story. And for more than 10 years our story has been told over and over by our clients. It is a story of expert representation, professionalism, market knowledge, and unparalleled professional service. That story and our team of sales professionals are the reasons why we remain the leader in Kyiv office real estate.

Our Presence:

We realize that it is impossible for a tenant to learn the nuances of an area by studying it on the internet. Renters seek the services of a real estate professional who lives and breathes the area’s history. They turn to REALTORS who have the knowledge, experience, and negotiation skills that lead to a successful transaction. At ProRentOffice, tenants find exactly that – true locals rather than local representatives. Local, expert agents with a passion for client service paired with an unrivaled global network is our recipe for success.

Our Leadership:

As a Real Estate Brokerage, the PRO team is comprised of a dynamic group of individuals with unparalleled experiences. Together they ensure that every client, regardless of the stage in your new office journey, receives a higher standard of service and quality office. Whether you are renting or buying, you’ll find this innovative group has developed unique processes to guide you through the entire new office process in a stress-free environment.